What is old?

Is age really a state of mind? I am the ripe old age of sixty-seven and am reminded daily through physical activity such as climbing stairs, shoveling snow or stepping into my underwear that I am no longer twenty-six. Fortunately this does not apply to my creative process,¬† there seems to be no end to the next great adventure. I’m not talking about physically walking the El Camino de Santiago in Spain, or climbing Devil’s Tower National Monument in the U.S.A. My adventures are for the most part in my mind, involving some God given talents that I pursue, such as writing stories and songs, entertaining with my voice and keyboards , and picking up my pencils and brushes to create some art.

I often hear of people retiring and just withering away. I can’t imagine that. I feel I have been handed a huge amount of time to pursue passions that far too long, sat on the back burner. Sustenance for the mind that can no longer be ignored.

Much of this was triggered, or should I say re-ignited by writing  my thoughts every day. I will talk about that in another blog, but suffice to say the more I journal the more projects and ideas pop into my head.

Now the only problem seems to be, how will I ever live enough years to complete them?

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